Mr. Pokorney is a Senior Vice President of ACREP and has over 10 years of institutional commercial real estate experience. Mr. Pokorney is a senior member of ACREP’s asset management team. Prior to joining ACREP, Mr. Pokorney worked with Morgan Stanley Real Estate Investing, an international real estate fund manager. As a member of its Portfolio Management team, he oversaw the coordination and financial tracking of North Haven Real Estate Fund VII Global, a $4 billion opportunistic fund comprised of 55 investments in various asset classes located in 11 countries across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. In this capacity, he analyzed the impact of proposed acquisitions and dispositions on the portfolio, monitored investment achievement of business plan objectives, maintained adequate liquidity for the fund, and provided detailed reporting to investors. Additionally, he contributed to the raising of over $1 billion of capital for the most recent fund in the platform, North Haven Real Estate Fund VIII Global.

During his tenure at Morgan Stanley, Mr. Pokorney also coordinated the dissolution and final capital call of the oldest international fund in the platform, facilitated the sale of back-office operations for the funds to a third-party service provider, and helped develop policies and procedures that greatly reduced operational risk and materially improved transparency and reporting standards for investors.

Mr. Pokorney holds a B.S. in Finance & Accounting with a Minor in Economics from Florida State University.